American V- President Kamala Harris Ih Nunthu Tawi..

American V- President Kamala Harris Ih Nunthu Tawi..

American Vicr President Kamala Harris cu India ram lai khawte ih um an si.. Kamala Harris ih Nu zong Laikhawte ih um, Upat hnuih American thlen an si.. Kamala Harris ih Vice President a hei ttuan ahcun ” Kan Lainu / Laipa .. ni nikhat ah .. ” tiin ruahnak ka nei..

V-President Kamala ih relmi cu ” tuini, hinab ah tuanvo tamtak nei Nunau pakhat ka si.. Ka Nu, India ih um Shyamala Gopalan Harris nih a Kum 19 asi laiah hitivek dinhmun tiang a ruat ngam lo ding.. Sinan American cu a zum thotho..

Caan ziangmaw sungte sungah hitluk dinhmun ziangtin a ra thei..  Minung zate bangran awknak le  thudik hrangah kan boruak a naa thluahthlo ko ding. Caan khatlhat hmailam um lo, phihsaknak tampi aum ding.. Sinan, Caan khat ah a tthatsal.. Minak pawl ih Democracy asi..  tiin ..

Video rak zoh ..


( Mirang in )..

to the woman most responsible for presence here today. my mother shyamala gopalan Harris who always in our hearts. when she came here from India at the age of 19. she may be didno’t quite imagine this moment but she believed so deeply in an American. Minak hrangah hnasatak hnatuan.. Minak Nunau, Asia Nunau, Mirang Nunau,Letina le American ram mi Nunau ..

where a moment like this is possible and so i am thinking about her and about the genaratioms of women black woman, Asia woman, white , letina , native American woman who throughout our nations history have paved the way for this moment. woman who fought and sacrificed so much for equality and liberty , and justice for all. Including the Black woman who are often, too often, Overlooked but so often prove they act.the Blackbone of our

All the woman who have worked to secure and protect the right to vote for over a century. 100 year ago with the 19th Amendment, 55 year ago with the voting rights act, and continue the fight for their fundamental right to vote and be heard. i reflect on their struggle, thei determination and the strength of their vision to ser what can be, unburdened by what was been and I stand on their shoulders.

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